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  • 511 Contra Costa

    For today’s #MemberMonday I had the pleasure of sitting down with Kirsten Riker, Project Manager for #511ContraCosta.


    During my visit, I was able to learn a little about Kirsten, #511ContraCosta and the Program Manager, Corinne Sutra-Roberts. While chatting with Kirsten, I learned that she is an excellent tennis player and that she used to work for #USTA. Working for #USTA, Kirsten had a long commute and didn't really enjoy that part of her job. She has always been a big advocate of biking and other forms of transportation that help reduce single-occupancy vehicles and contribute to air quality improvement. When Kirsten saw this job posting seven years ago, she knew it was the job for her. She started with #511ContraCosta working part time on the #streetsmartsprogram which is designed to provide safe routes to school for our children. Eventually, her position evolved into full-time, providing many programs in the #central and #eastcounty.


    Corinne Dutra-Roberts, the Program Manager, was unable to join us that day. However, she did provide some answers to my fun #MemberMonday questions. Corinne grew up in #ContraCostaCounty. She loves to ride her bike, her favorite food is vegetables and if she could go anywhere, it would be into outer space. Right now she is reading Becoming, by Michelle Obama. Since joining #511ContraCosta, Corinne has gained a deeper understanding of the complexities of #publictransportation funding and has become an expert in building partnerships.


    #511ContraCosta decided to join the #PleasantHillChamber in order to better connect with Pleasant Hill employers. They conduct employer outreach to help encourage the use of alternative commute modes such as public transit, ridesharing, vanpooling, biking or walking. To help reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality, they also encourage employers to allow telecommuting and compressed workweek schedules. #511ContraCosta is available for consultation and they have an online newsletter with information about incentives and other programs they offer.

    • New app #511ContraCosta also has new app called #miles that you can download and earn “miles” for all of your commute and travel. The miles can then be redeemed for exclusive rewards. Download the app here: Miles

    • Summer Youth Bus Pass The #SummerYouthBusPass is on sale now. Give your kids the option to go exploring, rather than sitting around all summer long. Buy yours today!

    • Summer Bike Challenge The #SummerBikeChallenge (fun, free & healthy!) officially began on June 1st. The first “Free Stuff” event is this Thursday, June 6th, 9-11 a.m. on the Canal Trail x Viking Drive and all bikers will receive Cold Stone gift cards! Please help us spread the word to get folks out and #biking in Pleasant Hill this summer! You can follow this link to get involved PH Summer Bike Challenge


    There are many great programs offered by #511ContraCosta -- all aimed at improving our quality of air, quality of life and the health of our citizens. Funding for #511ContraCosta comes from Measure J and The Air District Transportation Fund. Take advantage of all the great programs and deals by visiting their website at 511contracosta

    511ContraCosta’s power partners are #TheContraCostaTransportationAuthority (#CCTA), local governments, and the county. Through their Street Smarts Diablo program, they also have strong partnerships with all of #PleasantHill schools and law enforcement agencies, including the Pleasant Hill Police Department. #PHPD.

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