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    For this week’s #MemberMonday I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jody Iorns, the Executive Director of Diablo Valley Foundation for the Aging located at 140 Gregory Lane, Suite 240, Pleasant Hill, or by calling them at 925.945.8040 or check out all their amazing services at http://www.dv-fa.org. This is an incredible non-profit corporation providing community services to seniors in #ContraCostaCounty since 1975. There are many services out there for the aging but this is a one-of-a-kind singular foundation that provides a combination of social services and professional #fiduciary services. The financial aspect is an important service and #DVFA is the only foundation providing this service in Contra Costa County. Not all seniors have a family member to protect their #assets and for a reasonable monthly fee, they can compile and share their information to ensure that their final wishes are carried out. At #DVFA they strive to look out for their clients in a way that protects them. If they don’t provide the service in-house, they are a wealth of resources and will provide the necessary information to their clients or they will research it until they find what will assist them. DVFA is proud to report that they frequently find money folks didn’t know they had and often find instances where they are paying duplicate bills. These types of services can all be provided for a reduced fee.


    The #foundation has an event coming up called Falls Prevention. This will be held in #Rossmoor at the Hillside Clubhouse (Diablo Room) on September 23rd from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. For more information, you can reach out to Terri@DV-FA.org For seniors, falling is the #1 concern right next to finances being the #1 abuse. It’s a four-hour class that will assess the risk of falling and how to minimize the risk.


    Jody joined #DVFA in November of 2018 after working for the Epilepsy Foundation and other non-profit organizations for over 30 years. Jody felt called to the non-profit sector back in college when she was at #CSUS and created #saferides with a few friends to provide a much-needed service not in existence at the time http://www.asi.csus.edu/programs/safe-rides/ She is happy to report it’s a service that is still providing rides to those in need. Jody finds it rewarding to provide resources to the undeserved population. When she saw that DVFA needed an ED she jumped at the chance to work in her own #community. There is always an added passion when you’re working to build your own community.


    Jody grew up in #WalnutCreek with her brother who sadly passed. She was lucky to have a blended family later on and a large extended family. She has three children of her own; a daughter who is 12 and is being home schooled, a son who is 15 and attends #Northgate and her oldest daughter is 18 and attending college. Jody enjoys playing #PokemanGo with her son and is an avid reader. She prefers books over electronic reading. Her favorite genre is #MurderMysteries. If she could go anywhere, her first choice would be #Alaska, followed by a close second to #Australia and #Russsia. She prefers live theater to concerts and loved seeing Hamilton so much she went twice. Her favorite food without any hesitation is BBQ ribs. Her first album purchased was Shawn Cassidy.


    Jody is grateful to be a part of the #PleasantHillChamber as it is important to be a part of a local support. She has spent so much of her non-profit career at the national or regional level and finds the local feel is perfect for this stage of her career. One stand-out that she has gained by working in this organization is how important it is to plan for the unexpected or end of life. There are important details that need to be addressed and most people find these conversations difficult to have. Her current role has made these conversations easier to approach. She finds it incredibly helpful to lean on her local counterparts such as #ChoiceInAging, #SeniorLegalServices, and many other senior service and care management companies in our community. The partnership is invaluable and better serves the needs of the senior population.


    It was great to sit down with Jody and really get to know her. There are so many great services provided by #DVFA. Please take a moment to check out their website as you may find a service available to assist someone in need.

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