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    For this week’s #MemberMonday I had the pleasure of sitting down with Trevor Donaghu, the owner of #DynamicAudioConcepts. Trevor is known around #PleasantHill as the sound guy but he’s so much more than just sound. His #mission when providing services to his customers is to give them quality sound and production support with skillful expertise in logistics, electrical and lighting. When all these components come together, you have the makings of a quality production as we see so often in our #community. 


    Trevor established his company back in 1994. After discovering his love of music and technology and spending time throughout college as a DJ he felt it was a perfect fit. Trevor used to do gigs as a DJ in #nightclubs, #privateparties, and #weddings. It was a great job to have in college as it hardly ever got in the way of his school schedule. Trevor graduated from the University of California, Davis #UCD with a degree in environmental studies. He later became an #environmental consultant and traveled the world to testing the measurements of greenhouse gasses and corporate sustainability among other things. 


    Trevor decided to join the #PleasantHillChamber years ago to make connections with other individuals and businesses. It paid off as he became an integral part of the #ArtWine&Music Festival and has been doing it since it’s inception by his mom, Faye Donaghu. Trevor has the huge task of coordinating all the music and stage set ups for #AWM along with so many other logistics that are behind the scenes and so vitally important to the success of the festival. We appreciate having him on our #team. 


    Trevor grew up in #PleasantHIll and went to all the local public schools. He loves his #community and feels honored to be a part of the live music and entertainment culture that has been created in our city. He grew up with his brother and sadly lost him many years ago. One of his favorite concerts was #JimmyBuffett. He has a difficult time choosing his favorite band as he’s seen so many shows in his youth. Trevor is an avid reader and loves using his Kindle. One of his favorite authors is Thomas Leo Clancy Jr. He fondly remembers buying his first album, Burning Love, by Elvis Presley. 


    When Trevor is not working as an #environmental consultant, managing a gig or helping out with the family veterinary business (#OasisVeterinaryHospital) he and his wife Louisa are gearing up for their next dive excursion. They both love to travel and admittedly their destination has a lot to do with the diving experience. When the two met many years ago Louisa was a certified scuba diver and basically told Trevor “if you want to go with me you have to get certified.” Becoming certified seemed like an easy transition as he had been free diving for abalone for years. 


    Trevor and Louisa have their sights set on traveling to places like #TheGreatBarrierReef, #Roatan, #Honduras and many more places that have great diving experiences. It was refreshing to sit down with Trevor and live vicariously through him for a moment. Life is a precious gift we have all been given and we must remember this and live it to the fullest. I would say Trevor is accomplishing this mission. #livelifetothefullest

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