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    For this week’s #MemberMonday, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Justin Kinder of #KindersCustomMeats at their #PleasantHill location at 227 Morello Avenue in Pleasant Hill. Their website is http://kindersmeats.com/Pleasant_Hill_CA.php or you can also reach them at 925-798-2333. Whenever you are in the mood for a great ball tip sandwich, Kinder’s is definitely the place to go. If you have been into the store, then you know that Justin has built some great relationships with his catering customers like the #Raiders, #49ers, #Warriors and #E40. Some of these folks have not only been customers but they are now what he considers friends. That’s just one of the many benefits of being born into this family business. Kinder’s was established in 1946 by Justin’s grandfather as a butcher shop in Richmond, California. They began with high-quality cuts of meat and then slowly began making sandwiches. As things took off, they eventually closed the Richmond store and moved the business to the #PleasantHill and surrounding cities. Today, they have seven locations and approximately 250 #employees throughout the #BayArea. 


    Kinder’s mission is to serve their customers with the highest quality products and #customerservice while being pillars of the #community. They're always willing to help out folks in the community with events. Justin feels that belonging to the #ChamberofCommerce is a standard practice that helps him with his mission to be involved, stay connected and be a supportive business in the community. Justin has gained business growth as well as friendships by being involved in the Chamber. Being a business owner has taught him how to be a good leader. Being a leader is so much more than managing things or people; it takes continuing education and practice. Justin continues to grow his career by reading books, attending seminars and he believes that his #employees are his most valuable asset. If you treat them right, they will not only support your mission but they will be a part of it. 


    If Justin could go anywhere in the world, he would go to #Scotland and #Ireland. He loves medieval times and thinks it would be a great place to tour and explore. Justin is an avid #softball player and spends three nights a week out on the ball field. His current read is Positive Personality Profiles, by Robert A. Rohm. The author explains the four basic personality profiles in the D.I.S.C format making it easy to understand and work with different personality types and behaviors. He believes this makes him a better leader as your audience changes with every conversation you are having and it’s important to know your audience.


    Justin’s most memorable concert was a #FleetwoodMac show. He still considers steak one of his favorite foods and thinks he will never get sick of it as you can do many different things with it.  The first album Justin ever purchased was the Beastie Boys, License to Ill. It brings back fond memories. 


    It was such a pleasure to sit down with you Justin and quite refreshing to be reminded about leadership versus management. It’s always nice to get new perspectives and ideas to continue to grow in our professional as well as personal life. Thanks for all you do to support the Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce.

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