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    For this week’s #MemberMonday I had the pleasure of sitting down with David Jasso of #OffTheGrid. You can visit #OTG Pleasant Hill at Off the Grid Pleasant Hill 2019

    Off the Grid rolls into our town every Wednesday evening on Trelany Road in Pleasant Hill to offer a new and unique mobile food experience. Come enjoy some great food, a cold beer, some music, and a sense of #community all while enjoying the beautiful #downtown scenery and the comfy #Adirondack chairs. This weekly event is brought to you in partnership with the #CityofPleasantHill. Off the Grid is also supported by the City’s #EconomicDevelopment department and the #PleasantHillChamberofCommerce. It’s great to come out and see all your neighbors while exploring the many food and beer options available. The event runs from 5-9 p.m. all summer long, until early October. Take a break from cooking dinner on Wednesdays and let the #foodtrucks feed your family. 


    Off the Grid got started by Matt Cohen, #Founder and #CEO of OTG. In 2018, he won #SmallBusinessoftheYear in #California for his #innovative, problem solving skills. He created not only an opportunity for great food but he has also become a leader in the events space while creating a sense of community and stimulating the job market. Matt is originally from #Denver, #Colorado and started his career as a public school educator in #Atlanta, #Georgia. While spending some time teaching abroad in #Japan he was exposed to the world of mobile food. He returned to the states with a passion to share his experience in Japan with the public. What started with five hundred dollars and some traffic cones in 2010 has since grown into a thriving events and experience platform with nearly 300 #mobilefood creators, who together serve more than 4,000,000 meals a year from #Larkspur to #Cupertino, and everywhere in between.


    Pleasant Hill is one of the furthest markets of OTG. We are very lucky to have them here in our community. I look forward to Wednesdays; I know I will get to meet up with friends and share some delicious food, beer, some music and laughter.


    David Jasso runs the Pleasant Hill market and it was great to sit down with him to hear his take on being employed by OTG. He has been working for Off the Grid for a year now and really enjoys the #PleasantHill #Community. He is a huge fan of OTG and travels all around the #BayArea setting up markets and seeing that things go smoothly for both the food truck vendors as well as the customers. David grew up in #SanJose and currently lives in #SanLeandro. He is a graduate of #SanJoseState with an English language #degree. When he’s not working he loves to run and has participated in a few #halfmarathons. If he could go anywhere he would love to explore #Russia. He loves the history of Russia and the picturesque buildings and scenery. If David had to choose a skill he has gained by working at OTG, he says hands down that his problem solving skills have definitely been sharpened. He has to think quick on his feet to solve issues that may arise during his pop-up markets. He is the point-of-contact and has to be calm, innovative and creative in his solutions. David finds it impossible to list just one “favorite food.” He’s a foodie and loves all kinds. It’s hard to resist all the delicious food at OTG. While we were sitting down and having this interview John from #SteelSmokin’BBQ came up to him and said, “Hey, you’ve got to try this new corn on the cob I made.” How can he turn that down? 


    See you Wednesday at Off the Grid. When you see David down there running the show, be sure to stop by and say thanks for bringing this great experience to our community.


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