• Senior Helpers - Concord


  • Senior Helpers - Concord

    For this week’s #MemberMonday, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jenny Lind, the owner of #SeniorHelpers, located at 1170  Burnett Ave., Suite J in Concord. Senior Helpers’ mission is to enrich the lives of people who need care, by helping them stay independent while in the comfort of their own home. Senior Helpers can provide assistance as needed with many functions’ such as cooking, light house cleaning, transportation, and personal care needs. Everyone has a different care plan tailored to their individual needs. Call Jenny and her team at 925-331-0350 to find out more.


    Jenny purchased this business 11 years ago when she realized her current job (president of a web development company) at the time was all-consuming and was just not feeding her passion to help others. Jenny and her grandfather were very close and he used to talk about not wanting to be in a “home” when he got older. He really wanted to be in his own home during the last stages of his life. When Jenny was looking at purchasing a company she came across Senior Helpers and was very impressed with their philosophy, mission, commitment to training and ongoing support, as well as just “really clicking” with the owner of the company. She knew this was to be her venture, as it captured what was most important to her dear grandfather, and in a way, it also honored him.


    Senior Helpers in Concord is currently serving over 30 clients. Over the last 11 years Senior Helpers has served over 600 clients. Jenny is certified by the California State Board of Nurses to provide professional training to nurses on #Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia care. Jenny is also a #volunteer for the #AlzheimersFoundationofAmerica to provide support and education to families caring for family members with the disease. Currently Senior Helpers employs upwards of 30 part-time employees and Jenny is always looking for caregivers to join her team. You can visit her website at Senior Helpers - Concord


    Jenny loves to read and she often reads multiple books at one time. Right now, she is reading a cute story called #EllaMinnowPea, A Novel in Letters by #MarkDunn. During our visit, Jenny also recalled a favorite past time with her best friend from college. They played a card game where the winner would buy the loser a book. To this day, her friend still sends her books.


    Jenny is the eldest of five siblings and she grew up in #PleasantHill and #WalnutCreek. She is married to her business and has three dogs of her own and she also fosters rescue dogs. She loves to hike, ride her bike and is an amazing baker (I have personally been a lucky recipient of her yummy treats.) Jenny spends a lot of time with her nieces and nephews and she loves to spoil them. She recalls her favorite concert back in the late 80’s early 90’s with #ChrisIsaak. When asked where she would go, if she could go anywhere, she said without hesitation to drive the ring road in Iceland. Eventually, she will make this trip happen.


    Jenny and I had a great time chatting and I loved getting to know her more. She closed with a story that explains “why” she loves her work. She received a call from a woman that wanted her to come over and assess her husband’s need for assistance. When Jenny arrived she found that the husband had been unable to move from his chair for three days. Yes, it was not a fun job to get him cleaned up; but she did, and she added him to her client base that day. (She also stopped “dressing up: for work :) After a few short weeks of him having a full-time caregiver he was like a different man. He began to play the organ again and was smiling and connecting with his wife again. Sometimes, it’s hard to recognize when people are sad. This man just needed some attention, assistance, and care to bring him back to life. This transformation is witnessed over and over in the work that Jenny does. It’s why she loves what she does and we are #blessed to have her in our community.


    If you know someone who needs assistance in any way, please reach out to Jenny at Senior Helpers. If you know someone who wants to help those in need, reach out to Jenny at Senior Helpers.


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