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    Sunvalley Shopping Center


    For this week’s #MemberMonday, I had the pleasure of sitting down with David Palomo, the General Manager of Sunvalley Shopping Center. David joined the Taubman Company in 2016 and transferred from #Denver to Sunvalley in 2018. It’s been great to be back in the Bay Area for David, as he lived in Clayton as a young teenager and used to shop at the mall. David has been in the shopping center industry since 1994 and has had the privilege of working with two very successful developers. It’s been a lifelong dream of David’s to work for the #Taubmancompany. He has always held them on a high pedestal, wanting to work for the best. He feels honored to be a part of such a dynamic team.


    David has a 28 year old daughter that recently completed law school and took the BAR and is waiting for results to come this month. David is part of a large, modern family. Collectively, he has nine siblings. He was born in #SanFrancisco and grew up in #SanBruno until the late 70’s when his family moved to Clayton. He spent some time as a gypsy, moving all across the country before settling in #LasVegas for 12 years.


    David has been on a Greece kick lately and hopes to get there someday. In his free time, he enjoys working on his home, going to the gym and he recently took up skiing. He now considers himself a beginner+ since he doesn’t fall anymore. If he had to recall his favorite concert it would be #BrunoMars for sure. His favorite food is Mexican and Chinese--however, he’s mostly on a  healthy diet, but when he strays those are the ones he will gravitate towards. Right now the book he is into is #Nooffseason by #SteveJones - A playbook for achieving more in business and life.


    The Sunvalley Shopping Center just finished a successful #BunnyvillePhotoEvent. He hopes to see everyone back for this event in 2020! Their #SummerFunThursday is scheduled to begin July 11th and will continue over 4 consecutive Thursdays. This is a great time for kids to experience various educational activities happening in Sunvalley’s Grand Court.


    The #Sunvalleyshoppingcenter is owned by Taubman Centers, Inc. and was founded in 1950 by real estate pioneer #A.AlfredTaubman. Trained as an #architect, Alfred used design to break down barriers between consumers and merchandise, by what he termed as “threshold resistance.” Alfred believed that shopping should be an experience, not merely a transaction. His innovation and forward-looking retail philosophy remain an integral part of the company’s #DNA and have become the standard for many shopping centers around the world.


    #Taubmancenters, is an S&P Midcap 400 Real Estate Investment Trust engaged in the ownership, management and/or leasing of regional, super-regional and outlet shopping centers in the U.S. and Asia. Taubman’s U.S. owned properties are the most productive in the publicly held U.S. regional mall industry. Taubman is headquartered in #BloomfieldHills, MI. Taubman Asia, founded in 2005, is headquartered in #HongKong. You can find out more by visiting their site at www.taubman.com


    Have you been to the Sunvalley Shopping Center lately? If not, you should got take a stroll as there are some great new features and shops. They also have a bowling alley and a new food court that I had not seen before. You can find them at www.shopsunvalley.com


    Thanks again, David, for taking the time to sit down with me and sharing some great information about Sunvalley Shopping Center as well as yourself. We are glad to have you here as a part of the Chamber and the community as well.


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