• AHA! Movement (Anti-Hazing Awareness)

  • AHA! Movement (Anti-Hazing Awareness)

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    About Us

    Hazing has been around for centuries. It is a sadistic, degrading, torturous ritual used to permit access into a club or organization under a misguided illusion that it is a right of passage...

    47% of High School students have been hazed before they go to college.
    67% of College students joining a club or organization will be hazed.
    Hazing starts as young as elementary school.

    Our goal is to not only educate students on the dangers of hazing but also help them to recognize what hazing looks like, as well as to understand the penalties that come with any type of participation. Bringing awareness that hazing is not just harmless fun.

    Changing the mindset/culture/perception/practice of fraternities, sports, any initiation into clubs or organizations. It can no longer be about torture and humiliation. It needs to be about respect, respect for yourself and others.

    Until we can CHANGE the CULTURE of the Greeks, etc., nothing is going to change. Change starts with education & awareness. That's where the AHA! Movement comes in.


    Our Programs:

    Be Aware - HS and College Presentation
    Ambassadors Program
    Victim's Advocacy
    Parents Program

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