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    I provide accent reduction training for adults and speech and language therapy services for all ages. I have had over 25 years of experience in speech-language and swallowing therapy, including treatment for aphasia, dysarthria following strokes, speech-language treatment for children and accent modification.

    For our developing culture, I provide accent modification training. The diverse accents are a natural part of our spoken language and they add to our cultural richness. For some individuals, however, their accents can prove to be a hindrance in effective communication. They find it difficult to be understood by others. Oftentimes, an accent can also become a roadblock in the professional field. Many people have trouble finding jobs because of their thick accents. Although an accent is not a speech or language disorder, it can impede the natural flow of communication, thus resulting in embarrassment and frustration. Accent modification services can help deal with these issues. If you are looking for any of these services, contact Clear Accent Speech Therapy.