• Auxiliary President Announces Merger and Gifting of Pleasant Hill Thrift Shop to Youth Homes, Inc.


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    October 29, 2019

    Auxiliary President Announces Merger and Gifting of Pleasant Hill Thrift Shop to Youth Homes, Inc.

    PLEASANT HILL, CA, October 29, 2019 -- The Youth Homes Auxiliary, a nonprofit volunteer organization, has announced that it has merged with the Youth Homes, Inc. agency. Auxiliary volunteers will continue to support Youth Homes under a new volunteer program run by the agency and the Pleasant Hill Thrift Shop will also be managed by Youth Homes.
    “We are thrilled to be joining forces with Youth Homes, and our volunteers are looking forward to participating in a volunteer program that will better meet their needs.” Auxiliary Board President Barbara Ingraham noted. “Our goal in joining with Youth Homes is to have our volunteers better managed by a paid staff member dedicated to a volunteer program.” Ms. Ingraham also stated that the decision was based on a variety of factors, including a decline in members over the past several years.

    The Youth Homes Auxiliary Thrift Shop, located on Vivian Drive in Pleasant Hill, has been gifted to Youth Homes by the Auxiliary and will now operate under Youth Homes Management.

    “We are grateful to the Auxiliary for their diligence in running the Thrift Shop, which has enabled them to support the youth we serve with donations, and an affordable place to shop for clothing.” Stated, Youth Homes Chief Financial Officer, Tom Hand. Mr. Hand added that the agency will employ a new Thrift Shop manager who will manage the day-to-day operations of the shop. “Investing in a paid store manager brings structure and stability to the business operations, and allows the volunteers to do what they do best, interact with the customers and curate a great selection of second hand goods.”

    Youth Homes’ Interim CEO, Shaina Van-Pelt expressed, “There are truly no words to describe the impact of this gift. Youth Homes will continue the legacy of the Auxiliary and build on it by using the Thrift Store to expand our workforce development program.”

    About the Auxiliary:
    The Youth Homes Auxiliary (YHA)  was formed in 1965 at the same time as the Youth Homes agency. The Auxiliary has functioned as volunteer organization raising funds to support the youth in the agency’s care. YHA’s programs have included: providing birthday cakes to youth in residential care, donating funds to support renovations of the residential treatment homes, providing holiday stockings for transition-age youth, paying for youth to take summer excursions, supporting the implementation of an Electronic Health Record with a donation. Members of the Auxiliary have served and currently serve on Youth Homes volunteer committees and Board of Directors. See more information about the Auxiliary on their website www.youthhomesauxiliary.org.


    About Youth Homes:
    Youth Homes is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that empowers youth, young adults, and families impacted by trauma. Using a trauma-informed approach and a comprehensive continuum of care, Youth Homes serves 200 youth and families annually. Services include a 24-bed short-term residential therapeutic program, fully integrated post-residential treatment support, and community-based mental health services. Youth Homes’ broad scope of services is designed to empower young people to create positive, sustainable change. Learn more about Youth Homes by visiting their website at: 


    This press release is also available at: https://www.youthhomesauxiliary.org/latest-news



    Contact Info:
    Barbara Ingraham
    Youth Home Auxiliary President
    [email protected]

    Barbara Ingraham, Youth Home Auxiliary President